Nestled away in the semi-rural area of Four Lanes in the Redruth borough you will find an amazing school united in our care of children and determined as a team of both parents, carers, staff and governors to provide the best possible opportunities for all who are part of the Pencoys community. We celebrate uniqueness where we encourage each individual to

‘Be Bold, Be Different, Be part of something special’.

Each day we apply our slogan ‘Grow Together’ as we strive to be the best that we can be. Learning here is fun and engaging whilst being of the highest quality. Through the teaching of our broad and balanced curriculum with numerous enrichment opportunities and outdoor learning we aim for every child to be prepared for life in Modern Britain.


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Alex Craig - Headteacher

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Year 6 Leavers Production/Video

Year 6 would proudly like to present their film production.

We Get Locked Down – But We Get Up Again!

So, grab the popcorn, sit down together and enjoy our movie!
I would like to thank firstly all of the children in Year 6 for their hard work and dedication at home and in school. This class have definitely been dealt a bad hand this year but have made the best of a bad situation at every stage which has made me incredibly proud of them all.

Another massive thank you must go out to all of the parents and families who have supported the class and I during the last year. Your efforts during home learning and the making of this video are very much appreciated by the children and I.

Another big thank you to Mrs Judge for her constant support with the learning and challenging recording of the three songs in this production as well as her weekly music lessons which are always a huge hit with the class.

Finally, I can’t possible state enough how grateful I am for the never ceasing support of Mrs Goosey who this video would not have been possible without.

Have a phenomenal summer and good luck in the future,

Mr Buck

Part 1 https://youtu.be/t87DswZrgcM
Part 2 https://youtu.be/mxx2d6URzbw
Part 3 https://youtu.be/ZYNgZodduOA

The film is on Youtube and in three sections. The videos are unlisted which means that it cannot be searched for or found by people outside the school community. If you would like to share this with family or friends you must do so by sharing all three links

Home Learning

If you are self isolating please go to Class DoJo where all home learning can be found.

School Diary of Events

 September 2020
3th & 4th Non Pupil days
7th Back to school

 October 2020
Half term- 26th-30th

December 2020
Last day of term -18th

January 2021

4th Back to school


May 2021

3rd May Non Pupil Day

Half term- 31st-4th June

February 2021

Half term- 15th-19th

22nd February - Non Pupil Day

July 2021

Last day of term - 21st July

April 2021
Easter Holiday- 2nd- 16th April 


Non Pupil Days

3rd & 4th September

2nd November

22nd February
22nd & 23rd July