Year 1 Spring Term 1 2022

This half term our learning block is called 'Finding Four Lanes'.

Where do we live and what is it like?

Cornish flag.jpg

Below is a learning map showing the learning in each subject.

Y1 spr 1 learning map.jpg

The children will be using a knowledge organiser to help them learn information and vocabulary ready for the topic. Below is a copy of the geography knowledge organiser.

Y1 spr 1 geography knowledge organiser.jpg
Y1 spr 1 geography knowledge organiser 2.jpg

In science, the children will be learning about different materials and their properties. We will test and sort materials according to their properties. We will also investigate which materials are best to use to make different objects, for example a swimming suit, wellington boots or a book.

We will be using a knowledge organiser in science to help us learn vocabulary and key concepts.

Y1 spr 1 science knowledge organiser.jpg

We will continue to send a RWI reading book home for you to read with your child. Following the end of Autumn term assessment, your child may well be reading a different colour band which will be closely matched to the phonic sounds that he/she is being taught. Please message me through ClassDojo if you have any questions or concerns.


A book is sent home each Monday. Please ensure that it is returned on Friday so it can be quarantined over the weekend ready for use by another child the following week. Please take care of our books and use the plastic sleeve to keep it clean and free from leaking water bottles! Unfortunately, a lost or damaged book will incur a fee of £2.50 so that we can replace it.

Please continue to share stories from home, use the library ebook system 'borrowbox' and read other ebooks from the internet with your child.

RWI phonics.jfif
rwi yellow book.jpg
rwi green book.jfif
rwi red book.jpg

Please regularly check our ClassDojo page for messages from school. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's learning, you can message Mrs. Johns through this app. 

Thank you.