F2 - Julia Donaldson Class

Welcome to Reception


Hello and welcome to Pencoys School. In our first term of school we will be learning new school routines and settling into our new learning environment. We are looking forward to meeting you all and starting our educational adventure into Foundation stage 2, Reception!

Let’s go!...

First, we will be learning ‘All About Ourselves’ and finding out our favourite things, who lives in our homes, what we enjoy and we will be exploring many emotions and discussing our feelings. We will be finding out all about each other and making friends and learning behaviour expectations and to respect others.

Below is our most recent curriculum/topic map.

We love to read books in Reception and we vote for our favourite stories every day, using our voting stones. We love it when your child brings in a book from home for us to share together. Reading is such a wonderful experience, allowing the children to freely communicate their understanding and to travel to new and exciting worlds daily. Please read with your child every day as this will help your child to read, write and feel confident when faced with new words.

Phonics & Writing:

In Reception Class we are following the Read Write Inc Phonics and we are beginning this new phase in September. Once we have learnt the first few sounds, we are ready to start building CVC words and we can start to read. Please continue to practise the phonemes with your child at home, using your sound mats.  I love it when the children bring in their wonderful mark making, exciting writing and letters for Banjo and Mr Mouse. The children will start to draw and write independently, the more you write with them and encourage them. Please encourage any marks that your children make, as this is the doorway into writing and their marks are meaningful to the child.

In Reception, we use a Choosing Map to choose all the wonderful learning experiences to enhance our provision and learning. We plan from the children’s responses and link this across our EYFS curriculum (Development Matters- Link to the EYFS Curriculum) https://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2012/03/Development-Matters-FINAL-PRINT-AMENDED.pdf

Banjo’s Adventures:

Banjo is our class bear and one of our dearest friends in the classroom. We need to look after him and we can snuggle him when we are feeling sad or share a story with him. Banjo helps us with our learning and often hides secret objects in his backpack for the children to discover.  Banjo gets to go home with children once a week to visit your home and share wonderful experiences with you. Please write in Banjo’s Diary for your child to share with the rest of the class. This is a great opportunity to learn about your child’s favourite things and to build our listening, confidence and attention skills.


Floor Book

We share and record all of our wonderful learning in our floor book, which is jam-packed full of fantastic learning opportunities. The children have complete ownership over this and this is their book of learning!