Governors Information

Governors Pledge

We, the governors of Pencoys Primary School, will endeavour to ensure that by the time you leave our school you will have been given every opportunity to:


1. achieve an excellent standard in English and maths so that you will be well prepared for new learning in secondary school


2. have learnt about history, science, other cultures and traditions which will have given you the foundations for future learning and engagement with the world around you


3. develop your wider skills beyond the main curriculum through sport, art, music and technology


4. study both the local and wider community and to have had the chance to experience high quality residential visits


5. develop resilience, confidence and emotional well-being and had the opportunity to be a leader as well as part of a team


6. make strong and lasting friendships and have had a happy and rewarding primary education free from prejudice and intimidation


7. develop a responsibility for and a love of learning that will last into your adult life



Approved by the governors on 15th September 2015