How We Teach Maths


At Pencoys Primary School we teach Maths using The Small Steps Mastery approach.  

The Teaching for Mastery ethos is that all of the children in each class are taught together in their specific year group. Small, incremental steps of progression allow all children to take the same learning journey. 

Below is an example of the small steps which a Year 2 class would take when learning about place value. Each step may take place over one or more lessons and teachers use their judgement to decide when to move on to the next step.





















We teach Maths using a blocked approach. This allows children to really master each topic before moving onto the next. Below you can see the yearly overview. 

Small Steps Year 2 Example.PNG

Year One Yearly Overview

Year 1.PNG

Year Two Yearly Overview

Year 2.PNG

Year Three Yearly Overview

Year 3.PNG

Year Four Yearly Overview

Year 4.PNG

Year Five Yearly Overview

Year 5.PNG

Year Six Yearly Overview

Year 6.PNG