Meet The Team

Teaching Staff

Alex Craig

Behaviour and Well Being (including Thrive) Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead.


Mike Buck

Maths lead

Year 6 Teacher

Jayne Kirk


Year 5 teacher (0.5), Deputy DSL

Jess Thomas

Curriculum Lead

Year 5 Teacher (0.5)

Francesca Antoniazzi

Science and ICT lead

Year 4 Teacher

Nicole Hammill

PE, RE, SMSC and School Council lead

Year 3 Teacher

Anna Farrell

Curriculum Lead,


Outdoor Learning lead


 GTP mentor

Year 2 Teacher

Rebecca Johns

Reading, writing and phonics lead, Deputy DSL

Year 1 Teacher

Ali Hoswell

Early Years Lead

F2 Teacher

Sue Hedges

F1 Lead

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Support Staff

Maureen Goosey

Eco-council lead

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Rosalyn Osborne


Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Emma Mitchell

Year 5 Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Lisa Johns

Dyslexia champion

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Tamsin Kessell

Outdoor and creative learning support

Year 3 teaching assistant

Mel Goldsworthy

Year 3 teaching assistant (1:1)

Sam Ball

Early Years Teaching Assistant

Sarah Manley

Year 3 Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Tash Johns

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Tracey Broughal

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Jo Gibbs

Reception Teaching Assistant

Saffron Honour

Reception teaching assistant (0.6)

Vanessa Davison

F1 Deputy Lead

Tracey Brimson

F1 Assistant

Jenny Beesley

TIS champion, behaviour and nurture support, dyslexia champion

Pastoral Lead

Sandra Callingham-Lello

Office Adminstrator with financial responsibility

Becky Legg

Office Administrator & Teaching Assistant (1:1)

Nathan Thomas

Compliance coordinator

Jenny Pascoe

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Francis


Lunchtime Supervisor

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