Supporting Your Child at Home


We ask all Year 1 parents to support their child at home by reading with them daily. We encourage children to read their reading book approximately three times before it is changed so they can decode words, think and talk about the story and practise reading with expression. 

Children will also bring home word cards on a regular basis. We have now learnt and practised our Phase 3 sounds and are about to begin the phase 4 blends and clusters. All phases were given to parents before  half term in the parent meetings so please help your child to practise them regularly.



Opportunties are provided in class for writing every day. We practice letter formation and handwriting as well and this can be supported at home. Pupils can practise their writing at home through writing lists, labels, letters and stories. If you need a copy of our handwriting letter formation please just come in and ask. 



A handout with lots if ideas for incorporating maths into your every day home activities was given to parents in parent meetings before half term. Regular counting can happen at home through daily events e.g. counting going up and down stairs, counting items into the shopping trolley, talking about one more/one less whilst putting toys away etc. Number formation can also be practised to make sure numbers are being formed the right way around. If you need an extra copy of the handout, please see Mrs. Johns.