Yr1 - Nick Butterworth Class

Welcome to Year 1 !

Welcome to a new school year. I'm really looking forward to an exciting new term. Our topic this half term is 'Enchanted Woodland'.

In this topic we will be learning about trees, wildlife and how the changes in the seasons effects them.

Below is a topic map showing our learning in each subject this half term.

We love stories in year 1 and share them every day. Amongst many other stories, we will be reading the Percy the Park Keeper series and using these for sequencing events in known stories and written retell.

This year the children will be using knowledge organisers to help them learn information and vocabulary ready for the topic. Below is a copy of this topic's knowledge organiser.

I love it when children bring in books from home that they want to share with the class. Please encourage your child to read lots of stories from school books, home books, books from the library... and bring them into school to share with the class. It doesn't just help with reading, it develops children's imaginations, widens their vocabulary and gives them a bank of ideas for writing. 

In Science, we will be learning to identify and name a variety of trees. We will also describe, draw and label their basic structure, and collect leaves that we will use for rubbings and printing.


Year 1 Phonics


Daily phonics practice continues to be important in year 1. Your child is most likely quite confident with recognising and saying many sounds, but in year 1 the importance is now on being able to blend these sounds to form words. We have experienced lots of success using the Read Write Inc programme and all the staff in year 1, and indeed across the school, are trained to teach it. I would like to invite you to a meeting to share the resource and how you can best support your child at home with their phonics and reading.


Reading at home is vital to support your child's development. We read with all the children in class as regularly as we can, but children make accelerated progress when they are being supported at home too. You can help your child to practise the phonic sounds when reading by encouraging them to segment unknown words (break words into sounds) and blend (join the sounds together to form words) in their reading books. The more the children read, the quicker they build the bank of words that they recognise and so move towards becoming more fluent readers.