Year 1 Autumn 1 2020

Welcome to a new school year. I'm really looking forward to an exciting new term. Our topic this half term is 'Where In The World Am I?'

europe from space.png

Below is a topic map showing our learning in each subject this half term.

aut 1 topic map.jpg

This year the children will be using knowledge organisers to help them learn information and vocabulary ready for the topic. Below is a copy of this topic's knowledge organiser.

aut 1 knowledge organiser.jpg
aut 1 knowledge organiser 2.jpg

This year we would like to send home books for you to read with your child. They will be closely matched to the phonic sounds that they have been taught. Please let me know if you are happy for books to be sent home from school each week . If your would prefer to not have books from school, then please continue to share stories from home, the library ebook system 'borrowbox' and from the internet with your child.


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