Pencoys Primary School English Vision Statement

In English our aim is that children will:

  •  have a strong command of both the written and spoken word underpinned by a love and appreciation of our literary heritage.

  • develop a passion for reading through experiencing a rich range of books and authors as they progress through the school.

  • have opportunities to read and write a range of genres and become independent, imaginative and critical writers.

  • express and justify their feelings and opinions on texts with increasing confidence and understanding.

  • have an interest in words and develop their use of vocabulary for precision and effect.

  • take pride in their work; developing a neatly joined and well-presented handwriting style.

  • celebrate their reading and writing achievements with their peers, teachers and parents.

We strongly believe that practising reading at home is fundamental  to pupil's reading progress and to developing a positive attitude to reading. We encourage this through  the Reading Karate scheme in Key Stage 1 and through the use of Accelerated Reader in Key Stage 2 where children endeavour to meet challenging personalised reading targets.